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Sachin's 5 Best Test Knocks....

Hmm.. this is quite interesting...

SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR has played a lot many magnificent test innings... some of them are really really special....
I found this one on the Internet.. which is quite interesting to sit and look back at the down-forgotten memory lane of SACHIN's unforgettable innings.... Here it goes..........

1989-1990 Pakistan v India, 1st Test, National Stadium
Picture this: Pakistan's National Stadium, packed to the rafters with home team supporters roaring their team on against the hated enemy. In the middle, easily the most fearsome pace attack of the time - the young Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram, backed by the legendary Imran Khan. Krish Srikkanth, Navjot Sidhu and Sanjay Manjrekar are blasted out in rapid succession (13/3). Prabhakar is fourth out - and a young lad of just over 16 years walks out into the cauldron.
Imran sets an attacking field, and the two fearsome young fast bowlers go for blood, with a barrage of short-pitched deliveries that buzz around the tyke's head. A ball from Younis rears up and smacks the youngster on the helmet. Concerned, the close in fielders and the bowler rush up to render assistance. The youngster shakes his head to clear it - and through the visor of his helmet, boyish eyes glare in defiance. He scored only 15 that day - but in the nerveless fashion in which he took guard again after having his bell rung, he announced himself a man among men.
Don't ask me why I picked this short-lived innings. Instead, ask yourself two questions: How many feet did Orville and Wilbur Wright traverse in their first flight? And what was your own biggest accomplishment at age 16?

1990, England v India, 2nd Test, Old Trafford
England 519. India - powered by a swashbuckling 179 from Mohammad Azharuddin - 432. England in the second innings, 320 for 4 declared, leaving India 408 to make to win. What follows, is a sorry procession: Ravi Shastri, Navjot Sidhu, Sanjay Manjrekar, Dilip Vengsarkar and Azharuddin back in the hut with 109 on the board. Kapil Dev follows, 18 runs later.
And then a lad not yet old enough to qualify for a driving license drives England's attack to distraction. While Manoj Prabhakar (67 not out) holds his end up with dogged determination, the boy wonder cuts loose. A defensive innings at that point would have been hailed as a masterpiece - but 17-year-old Tendulkar attacks, shots of scintillating brilliance punctuating an unbeaten innings of 119 that carries his team to safety.

1996-1997, South Africa v India, 2nd Test, Newlands, Cape Town
Consider the backdrop: A day after Christmas 1996, India found itself on a green top against South Africa's finest fast bowlers - and lost, by 328 runs, with two days to spare. On the second day of the New Year, the demoralized side found itself in Newlands - wilting as the home side, powered by centuries from Gary Kirsten, Brian McMillan and Lance Klusener, ratcheted up 529 on the board, then dismissed three Indian batsmen for 29.On day three, Sourav Ganguly fell with the score on 33. V V S Laxman was fifth out, at 58. Another three day drubbing was on the cards. And then came a display that is unparalleled in contemporary annals for sheer majesty. Tendulkar added 222 in a pulsating sixth wicket partnership with Mohammad Azharuddin. 176 of these runs were scored in 120 minutes of unmitigated mayhem between lunch and tea. Azhar-uddin, batting with the artistry of a conjurer, contributed 115 runs off just 110 deliveries.Tendulkar went on - to be last man out for 169 off 253 deliveries, after having shepherded the tail past the follow on mark. One word describes this innings: Control. On the day, he batted in a zone where nothing could intrude, where none could follow.

1998-1999 India v Pakistan, 1st Test, M A Chidambaram Stadium
India versus Pakistan is as electric as it gets. For four days, the bitter rivals fight it out on a pitch affording pace, bounce, and turn. India, batting second, ekes out a narrow 16-run lead in the first innings. A flamboyant century by Shahid Afridi powers Pakistan to 286 in the second - giving India 271 runs to score to win. The Pakistan attack is spearheaded by Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis - backed by Saqlain Mushtaq at the height of his pomp. Younis blasts V V S Laxman out for 0, Sadagoppan Ramesh for 5. Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid put on 44 runs - of which the latter contributes 10. Azharuddin and Ganguly are quickly winkled out by Mushtaq and India, at 82 for five, is down and almost out.Tendulkar takes the stage to provide a master class - taming seam and spin alike with effortless ease, all the while shepherding Nayan Mongia. Until an attempt to hit Mushtaq over midwicket ends up as a skier down the throat of point. Tendulkar has, at that point, scored 136 - in a team score of 217 for six. It is not the impeccable defense you remember today, or the stunning range of strokeplay. What you recall, vividly, is the sight of Tendulkar with his head down in despair, walking back excruciatingly slowly after his dismissal.Against the sweat-streaked white of his clothing, a vivid red slash stands out - the red of a back brace. He had been advised by his doctor not to play that day.

1997-1998, India v Australia, 1st Test, M A Chidambaram Stadium
Long before Mark Taylor led his team out in Chennai, the battle lines had been clearly drawn - it was master spinner Shane Warne against master batsman Sachin Tendulkar. In the first innings, Tendulkar goes after Warne - and goes back, caught Taylor at slip off a stupid slash, with just four runs against his name.India are 71 behind when they begin their second innings. Tendulkar walks out after Navjot Sidhu and Dravid have taken the score to 115 - and launches an assault that Warne still sees, by his own admission, in his worst nightmares. A merciless, relentless exhibition of barely controlled savagery powers the side to 418 for four declared.The contest is over. Two sets of figures tell the story: Warne 30-7-122-1; Tendulkar 155 not out off 191 deliveries.

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"Judas No Traitor"

I don't know how many of you hav read "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown.But, I certainly did. And, I, seriously could find a lot of truths about the Jesus & the Secret Society. This Article says almost on the same line of Da Vinci Code.

Judas was no traitor, says new Gospel

April 07, 2006

The dictionary describes 'Judas' as a betrayer. For 2000 years and more, Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus Christ's 12 apostles who sold his master for 30 pieces of silver, has been condemned to infamy for this terrible act of betrayal.

The Gospels of the Bible's New Testament -- Matthew, Luke, Mark and John -- denounce Judas as a traitor. But through history, the question lingered: was there a Gospel of Judas too?

New evidence says, yes, there was, and according to it Judas was not the villain he has been made out to be.

According to the Gospel of Judas that was unveiled on Thursday at the National Georgraphic Society headquarters in Washington, DC, after being restored, authenticated and translated from the original ancient Coptic language, Judas was the chosen one among the 12 apostles, and that Jesus requested Judas to 'betray' him to the authorities for execution -- an act that pained the apostle immensely.

From early Christian times it had been rumoured that the Gospel of Judas did exist and, a new National Geographic Channel documentary says the mystery started to unravel almost 30 years ago.

According to the documentary, it began with a farmer in Egypt finding a codex in a cave. Written in ancient Coptic, the farmer who had no clue about his finding sold it to an antiques dealer and thus the text went about its way for five long years before scholars stumbled on to it.

The codex remained in a safe-deposit vault in New York till 2000 AD, when former antiquities dealer Frieda Nussberger-Tchacos acquired it. After that, with funding from the National Geographic Society and two foundations, a team of scientists and scholars came together to determine the document's authenticity.

It was no easy task. For one, the 13 pages of papyrus was almost crumbling, and it was up to Swiss restorer Florence Darbre and her partner to fit the tiny pieces together.

Restoration done, next came the more difficult task, of proving its authenticity. For this, Stephen Emmel, Coptic studies professor at the University of Münster in Germany, and expert Rodolphe Kasser were roped in.

Emmel estimated that worldwide there were just four or five people who could create such a document, and that included himself and Kasser. 'Someone would have to know Coptic better than we do, and there isn't anybody who does,' he was quoted as saying.

With the experts giving the green signal, came the final step, carbon dating the document for which tiny pieces needed to be destroyed.

This done, the Gospel of Judas, written between the third and fourth centuries, was authenticated to be a copy of a document in Greek from the second century.

The question continues to be asked: can it be a fake? But experts on the Gnostic or secret gospels -- the Gospel of Mary, subject of Dan Brown's racy Da Vinci Code, is one of them -- are unanimous that such a codex cannot be faked, it is not worth anyone's while to do so, and way too difficult to do it.

Now that the Gospel of Judas is out, what is in it?

According to the documents, the betrayal of Jesus Christ is a secret mystery between him and Judas. A National Geographic statement says the key passage in the text comes when Jesus tells Judas '... you will exceed all of them. For you will sacrifice the man that clothes me,' indicating that Judas, by helping Jesus get rid of his physical flesh, will help liberate the true spiritual self or divine being within.

Those looking for historical proof of what transpired 2000 years ago will find none in the Gospel of Judas -- but, then, it is not found in any of the other Gospels either, say experts. The question that remains unsaid is, does anything change for Christian theology in the light of the latest revelations?

The Gospel of Judas -- contrary to the title its authorship remains unknowns -- will eventually return to Egypt to be housed in Cairo's Coptic Museum.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pattiyal - The (Hit) List

Pattiyal as we can translate in English as "The List" is certainly not the list alone, its more of a "Hit List".

This Vishnu-vardhan directed and the superb foursome starrer has been a much-awaited movie for quite sometime now. If Hollywood & Bollywood had used the Underworld theme very effectively in lots of movies, Kollywood, though slow in using that, has started using the same plot, thanks to Vishnu-Vardhan's this new Venture.

Koshy (Arya) & Selva (Bharath), both are contracted-killers, and the latter being deaf & dumb,who are working undercover for a Contractor Samy (Cochin Haneefa).Samy has continuously been using these two to get rid of some high-profile people.Pattiyal showcases the list of their happiness, sorrows & the list of people to be eliminated by them.The lady-love of them are Saroja (PadmaPriya) and Sandhya (Pooja) respectively.And, they are proved to be perfect for the roles.

The Director has succeeded in choosing the right starcast for the roles which needed much zest.For more than once, you might get to feel like this is one of those movies which depicted friendship at its best.And,the Director, by making Selva a Deaf & Dumb has made the character strong & it allowed him to make their relationship much stronger.

Though the heroines had less to offer when compared to the Heroes (which often is the case with these kind of movies), they had tried their heart-out to match the lead's performances.I must say, they had thrived in a couple of scenes.

The best part of the movie is its Music Composition.A couple of songs are quite foot-tapping and the rest are very well hearable.Especially the song sung by Ilayaraja, "Namma Kaatula..." and the opening song "Dei, Namma..." are very well composed. The background music is at its best with Yuvan showing yet again that he is one of the best composers in the present bunch of young musicians.

Finally, though, the movie was hyped to be the Sholay of our times,its not that bad to compare this movie with Sholay.The Friendship shown by Arya & Bharath Stands out amongst the best Friendship movies ever made in Indian Cinema.

A pat on Vishnu-Vardhan's Back would be ideal for making this movie a very good Interesting Entertainer.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

From the day I saw…

The perfect translation to the title stated would be, “Kanda Naal Mudhal”. Yes. It’s the title of the movie I recently saw. I don’t normally blog about movies a lot. Only the fittest of those, would automatically fit itself in my blogs. This movie definitely fits in my blogs cadre.

This movie produced by Prakashraj and directed by Priya (erstwhile assistant to Mani Ratnam), where the storyline offered nothing very special. It’s the usual cine stuff like boy-meets-girl and boy-girl-quarrel and boy-girl-romance and situation-as-villain and climax-as-expected. But, what makes the storyline interesting is the cast used for the story. The hero is the 5-Star Fame “Prasanna” who has done yet-again a decent enough performance justifying the role offered to him. (One can recollect the other movie he did for Prakashraj named, “Azhagiya Theeye” where he did a splendid performance to the role). The heroine is Laila and she has also tried her best to match Prasanna’s performance and she has done it with flair & maturity.

Prasanna seems to be doing the roles at ease. He neither is as charming as Surya nor as dazzling as Vikram, Yet, he is doing the job neatly and he certainly knows his limitations. Especially, when he feels for his love for her, he really creates a lot of strength to that character. One can notice that Prasanna is becoming matured and more of a character-artiste doing these kinds of roles neat enough. If given time, he can prove to be a very good actor in the course of his career.

Laila, on the other hand, showing the facial expressions better than her previous movies, has got a lot to gain from this movie. The rest of the casts are penned fair enough to support the main characters & story. For instance, Revathy, mother of Laila, has done her usual best. And, one can understand Laila & Revathy have got a lot of similarities in their looks and it looked as if they were mom & daughter in real.

The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is scintillating. The songs are very good to hear especially the Carnatic based “Kanda Naal Mudhalaai…”.

The director has taken a lot of pains to create a neat love-story with some twists & turns and the casting has been perfect which could possibly be a launch-pad for her future as a director.

As a whole, this movie is really worth watching more than once.

All I can say, “From the day I saw….. I couldn’t resist seeing once again…”

Mission Accomplished for Pakistanis…

Though, before the beginning of the Ind-Pak Test Series, the Pakistanis had gained a lot from their outing with the Englishmen, they were more into defensive mode against India preparing flat wickets which offered no assistance for the bowlers whatsoever to either of the teams. Such a defensive tactics would always be a negative ploy for the side visiting there especially a team like India, which was rejuvenated after its series-winning victory against the visiting Sri Lankans earlier.

The first two tests offered nothing for the bowlers, be it for pacemen or spinners. A lot had been said about the pitches and its makers. And, one can surely notice that Pakistan was definitely taking a step back towards its future, by not making juicy pitches.

Pakistan would not have forgotten what happened in India’s last tour to Pakistan, where it won both the tests & ODI’s against the host. So, I am sure that Pakistan would have taken into account its failures in the last tour and while making amends to those failures, they were forced to make a pitch like that for the first two tests.

And, it was a mere gamble when they prepared a nice bowler-friendly wicket in the third test at Karachi which could have backfired onto them, had India put them on the mat when they were trembling at 39 for 6 but for an exuberant effort from its wicket-keeper batsman Kamran Akmal, they could make 245 and bundling out India for a score of 238, thanks to its bowlers. They needed to score rapidly & heavily in the II innings and they did it with style scoring 599declared leaving India no chance of winning the contest and a very little chance of drawing it.

The Indian batsmen did not show any kind of resistance except Yuvraj Singh who scored yet another century. And, within 58.4 overs their innings got over for a paltry 265, giving Pakistanis the much-needed series victory.

Now, all eyes are on the 5-Match ODI’s, which are going to follow immediately next week. As one can expect, the Indians will have to pull up their socks and give them the necessary fight and not letting the pressure mount on them. After winning the home series against Sri Lanka 6-1, Indians should be aiming to do better against their arch-rivals.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Congratulations to IRFAN PATHAN for his Hat-Trick

Many Congratulations to IRFAN PATHAN for his Maiden Hat-trick and his record for the first-over Hat-trick in the history of Test-Cricket...And, I wish him many more successes for his Future..

Friday, January 27, 2006

Shoaib Akthar's Beamer

This one caught my eye during my daily visits to hinduonnet.Javagal Srinath, the former Speedster of India, speaks about his Rival-Speedster Shoaib Akthar's Act of Arrogance.

The speedster's beamer at Dhoni could have proved fatal, writes Javagal Srinath

The L(o)ast Frontier

And, the evening was beginning to fade away the triumphs and failures for the particular Battle day.He was feeling all sick and tired with a day full of battles.Though, he had been the last person to enter the army, the Dictator had made it a strict rule that one from the family should serve the army.
Initially, the idea had fancied him many chances to serve for his country.But, lateron, when it all had happened, he had to admit that his country was completely greedy to attack and acquire the land of the neighbouring tiny country.Though, he had tried to stop himself from helping his country hurt the neighbours, he had very less chances to protest for the same.
And, yes, he had enrolled himself into the army and this present day had been his 7th day of War. He could see through his brown eyes that lots of lives had been lost during the day.And, he had found himself one of the culprits for the loss of lives.
From the very first day of his battle-field, he had vowed to himself this would be the last time he would ever appear for his country's army.He hated the whole system of war and though the need for protecting our own land remained stationary and imperative.Silently, he had prayed for his country's defeat, being a nice citizen who considered other country's benefits as well.
And, all of a sudden, it happened the next day.It was the eighth day of war and suddenly his side were losing lot of armymen with the introduction of tanks aplenty by the so-called tiny country.He wondered what fortune would it require to the tiny country to make or buy such tanks and why his country never depended on such tanks to protect itself, if not to attack the neighbours.
He tried his heart-out to be loyal to his own country by being brave in the front..But, all he left with was, the loss of lives of his compatriots.Then, came the announcement from his side that the war had been lost and the tiny neighbour country has acquired his country and from the next day onwards his country would be a republic effectively electing the President & Prime-Minister through Peoples' Elections.

He silently thanked God that his prayer had been heard by him.
And, so, it was his Lost and Last Frontier.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ganguly's Exclusion

The present issue rocking the Indian Cricket Board and Our Parliament, the Ganguly's Exclusion from Indian team has got to be considered with different perspectives.Though, the most-likely reason might be Politics inside the Board, there are no evidences for its existence.Moreover, Politics is not an Alien term for our Indian Cricket Team.

When I speak FOR his Exclusion,I doubt, only because it was Ganguly, the issue has taken such a U-Turn.Otherwise,because of this dirty politics involved inside our Board, the cricket team have had to sacrifice lots of talented individuals during the past 2 decades or so.There were times when everybody knew without an inch of doubt that because of Politics a particular Individual had been shown door and their names never got into for discussion once again later.But, Ganguly's case was in with a different Scenario. The Board claimed that they had to give opportunities to a few young talents at the expense of such a senior Cricketer like Ganguly.It made sense when they didn't select him for the One-Day series against South Africa.

When I speak AGAINST his Exclusion, the immediate word that comes to my mind is "Everybody is entitled to a Fair-Deal" and Ganguly deserved a better treatment.As the famous quote goes,"Class is permanent and Form is Temporary".Ganguly is certainly a CLASSY player and his present form raised lots of doubts about his class.But, everybody can never perform on consistently in every match. He was having a bad-patch, which, if given proper time, he could have got into his own ways of making big runs.The Board had shown him door during the South Africa series and when they knew there wouldn't be a match without Ganguly at Kolkata, they selected him(Politics, Again !!!) and had him play a match(where, he performed reasonably well to have got scores of 39 & 40 in both the Innings).Then, again leaving him out and raising many an eyebrows whether Saurav can ever find his place in the team.

As a whole, it seemed, though the board denied any political involvement,Ganguly was not treated fair enough for his Image.Looking ahead the future,hope the Board Corrects its policies about selecting and Omitting the Players and make our Indian Team a Very strong one to watch out for during the next World-Cup.

---Indian Cricket Fan